We pray this helps many of your team organizers to help plan and create a successful and positive Alaskan experience. Our goal is for your team to be life-changed for His kingdom purpose.

August- January: 
Application and Team Formulation (promotion, signup, ask questions, initial deposit).

*After the application is approved and you are contacted by Alaska Outreach a $200 non-refundable team deposit will be made at that point team dates and locations will be

Late January-early February: 
Book tickets and send the itinerary to Alaska Outreach

***Please submit the travel itinerary to Alaska Outreach via email as soon as it is available. ***

Submit team numbers and team lead contact information to Alaska Outreach, Alaska Outreach then will connect your Team leads with the host church pastor.

February- May:
Multiple conversations and Zoom calls with the host pastor to organize and finalize details for outreach ministry, community projects, and resources needed.

March 1: 
Purchase tickets if you have not already done this yet, the first deposit to Alaska Outreach Minimum of $200 per person. Checks are preferred, Credit cards have an extra 3% charge, and submit a shirt size list for all team members.

Additional payments to Alaska Outreach (all payments must be before June 1,unless your team is arriving in May, payment is needed by May 1st).

May 1: 
Submit a copy of the church’s insurance information and a copy of the Driver’s licenses of dedicated drivers for the trip (For Vehicle rental).

June 1: 
Have any materials or resources shipped to the host church (ministry materials needed, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, other).

Revised 3/2024

When you Arrive

Arrival Day: 
Welcome at the airport, transported to True North Church, dinner served, sleep.

First Morning: 
Breakfast, quick orientation, pack up, and head to host church.

Mark Futter - Director
907-474-9112 ext. 599

Revised 3/2024