Missions Teams

FAQ: Missions Teams

Who and What is Alaska Outreach?
Alaska Outreach invests time and resources in developing ministry relationships across Alaska in order to provide the best possible ministry experience and discipleship opportunity for groups and individuals while impacting the communities in a culturally constructive and positive manner. As we strive for this goal, we work to cost as inexpensive as possible for everyone.

What does my trip cost include?
See "Financial Policy" information HERE.

What airport do we fly into?
Fairbanks, AK (FAI)

Do you provide VBS curriculum?
This is normally provided by the team in conjunction with the host pastor. Once you are connected with your host pastor you will have multiple conversations about what you want the do and what the community will respond to. It is recommended that you ship any VBS material to the host church ahead of time. (June 1)

What kind of food will we eat?
All food will be purchased by Alaska Outreach and a suggested menu will be provided. You and your team are required to prepare and serve yourselves as many of the village pastors are Bi-vocational and we do not want to be a burden to them, only a blessing.

Where will we sleep?
You and your team will most likely be sleeping in the church on the floor. Those who want to are more than welcome to bring air for foam mattresses, but be sure to discuss it with your host pastor to make sure there will be enough floor space with your particular size of team. There are a few churches that have bunks, but most do not.

What are we responsible for preparing for ministry?
The first rule of thumb here is to be in communication with your host pastor to ensure that you both are on the same page regarding who is preparing what. Typically, the team will be responsible for practicing and preparing VBS ministry, as well, as the youth or all church nightly outreach.

Do we get t-shirts?
Yes, we provide each member of the team with a t-shirt and an Alaska Outreach water bottle. You will receive them when you reach your destination. You will also receive an Alaska Outreach sticker.

Will we get a free day to explore while I'm in Alaska?
Yes, as we are locking in dates and locations, we will advise you of opportunities to explore. Many times, while in the villages the host pastor will take you on excursions local to the community.

When is the money due?
See "Financial Policy" information HERE.

What are the payment methods?
See "Financial Policy" information HERE.

Do we need a passport?
Unless you are driving through Canada to get to Alaska, you do not need a passport. You will need the standard identification required for flying anywhere in the United States.

What sort of ministry will we do?
Each destination has different facets of ministry that the teams will do and be a part of, but the key here is communication with the host pastor of the trip. The team's job is to be a blessing to the pastor and work within his or her vision of ministry to the community.

Typically, we have found that a combination of children's ministry in the afternoon (often, but not always, sports-related), youth or all church outreach rallies in the evening, and small work projects throughout the trip is a winning combination of ministry opportunities for teams and a blessing to the church.

Let us know when we are setting up your trip and what type of ministry your team would like to focus on and we can do our best to set you up with a destination that will match your team's skill sets.

How long are the trips?
Generally, the trips are between 7-9 days on the ground here in Alaska. You will need to add travel days to your day count.

How many people can come on the trip?

This depends on your destination - we have had trips range from 10 people all the way up to 27 people in one destination. If you have a larger group let us know, what we have found works best for our churches is to split the team to go to two different villages with that many people.

Where in Alaska will my destination be?

We offer destinations throughout the state of Alaska, on a first come first serve basis. However, we retain the right to switch locations based on needs that arise in the local church communities, as well as within the state.  For example, we have had to make shifts in the past due to a pastoral transition leaving a church without adequate leadership to host a trip.  When this occurs, we will communicate with the mission's team leader about the shift along with the new proposed location.  If there are additional expenses, we will not pass them on to you.

REVISED 2/2024