Outreach Guidelines

Outreach Guidelines 

Please read following rules/guidelines to show that you understand your responsibilities and expectations. Team Effort:  Your team will be working as a unit in everything. Therefore, it is necessary that you cooperate and help facilitate teamwork in every way regarding punctuality, adversity, private and group devotions, team prayer meetings and services, and personal prayer for other team members. Please compliment and encourage one another OFTEN.

Hours: Please obey all lights-out times, as well as wake-up times. Our schedule has been set so that the entire team can reach each destination on time and to allow you enough rest each evening. Please be involved in personal and group devotions at the times designated.

Language: Please leave the sarcasm, cutting remarks, bad language and complaining at home.

Native Culture: Please understand that even though you will be in the U.S.A. on this trip, it is necessary that you respect the customs and traditions of those to whom you minister. Conduct yourself in a polite, quiet and respectful manner at all times.

Authority: You must listen to and respect ALL authority. Please, think before you ask questions. Try to avoid inquiring “Why?” and “How come?” You must be a servant on this trip. Be willing to serve and help out in any way possible. Please offer assistance in every situation that requires help.

Vehicles: Please keep the vehicles clean at all times. Do not throw your garbage on the floor; throw all trash in the van garbage bag.

Souvenirs: We will be near a number of places where souvenirs may be purchased.