Financial Policy


Road System Villages: 
Based on a team of 12-15 the cost per person is $100.00 per day. This covers:
- A t-shirt and decal
- Orientation dinner
- Food (meals and snacks)
- True North van rental (1), trailer, and transportation to and from the airport.

If the True North vans are unavailable, external vans will need to be rented. That cost is an extra $125 per day. Vans will be full of fuel and need to be returned as such (rented from True North or an outside vendor). These costs are solely for road system villages.

Remote Village: 
Based on a team of 12-15 the cost per person is $100.00 and extra airfare and/or boat fuel costs. Additionally, extra food transport costs may apply. The extra cost depends on the village destination.

Airfare cost is additional to the ground cost. Teams are responsible for booking their flights. However, we are happy to help with any questions you might have. Please forward the itinerary to once tickets are booked.

Ministry Materials Cost:
Part of the ground cost goes to cover ministry expenses at the host church. In the event additional materials are requested by the host community this will be coordinated with the host pastor and purchased by the team. These materials can be shipped directly to the host church. The address will be provided at a later date.

Team Fun Day:
On the final day of the trip, the team is allotted a full day to enjoy the sites in Alaska. Some communities have different adventure trips that the host pastor may be able to assist with. Most teams try to go to Denali National Park to hike, 4-wheeler tours, and rafting. These are all extra costs and need to be booked very early (March, April, May).

As you are building your team please plan to gather T-shirt sizes and food allergies. We try our best to make reasonable allergy substitutes, if possible.

When you Arrive in Fairbanks, AK:
Upon arrival in Fairbanks we will feed the team. We will have breakfast items ready for early departure the following day. Also, plan to have individuals available to cook the meals as we provide the food, but not the chef. We provide a suggested menu and adequate supplies to accomplish these meals.

Once again thank you for choosing to come and serve in Alaska. What you do greatly impacts each community for kingdom purposes.

Please begin praying now for open doors and lives to be changed.

Revised 3/2024


All payments are requested to be paid by check to:
Alaska Outreach
2830 Airport Way
Fairbanks AK 99709.

You can choose to pay by credit card, but a 3% credit card charge will be assessed. 
If other arrangements are needed, please ask.

Our goal is to make this mission experience as affordable as possible for all of our teams.