Financial Policy

Financial Policy 

***NOTE:  Due to COVID-19. prices have changed. Please contact directly to receive a more accurate cost. ***

Alaska Outreach invests time and resources in developing ministry relationships across Alaska in order to provide the best possible ministry experience and discipleship opportunity for groups and individuals on all Alaska Outreach projects. We do this while striving to keep the prices as low as possible for everyone. For this reason, Alaska Outreach has adopted the following policies:

ON THE ROAD SYSTEM:   (Places in Alaska that are accessible by driving. Anchorage, Tok, Kenai, Homer, Fairbanks, Nenana, etc...)

OFF THE ROAD SYSTEM:  (Places in Alaska that are only accessible by plane or boat; Kotzebue, Barrow, Bethel, Point Hope, etc...)

  • January 4th - Deposit of $150 (Non-refundbale)
  • Feb. 4th - 2nd Installment
  • March 4th - 3rd Installment
  • April 4th - 4th Installment
  • May 5th - 5th Installment (if applicable).

DEPOSITS: A $150 per person, non-refundable deposit is required to secure each participant’s space on each mission project. The deposit will apply towards the total cost of the trip. This initial deposit is due no later than January 4th.

LATE PAYMENTS: If Alaska Outreach does not receive payments in the timeframe indicated, the trip participants will be responsible for any additional costs incurred. For example, if the airfare installment is not received by February 4th and the group discount previously negotiated by Alaska Outreach is lost and the airline tickets go up $100 (if applicable), the extra cost will be added to the next invoice to the team.

ADDING PARTICIPANTS: To add participants after the original deposit or original balance has been paid, please submit an “Add Request” to our office. The $150 non-refundable deposit for each additional participant is due at the time of the request.

DROPPING PARTICIPANTS: To drop participants after the deposit has been made, please let us know in writing. The original deposit and the airfare installment are non-refundable. The 3rd and 4th deposits are refundable if the request is made at least 30 days prior to the trip start date. To substitute an individual, the only cost is the $100 name change fee for the airline ticket.

Cancellation by Participants: At any time a mission project is cancelled by the project participant(s), all monies paid will be nonrefundable. Alaska Outreach must be notified of the decision to cancel a mission project in writing by mail, email, or fax. The date on the postmark, email, or fax will establish the cancellation date. Monies may be refunded, with the exception of the initial deposit and airfare installment, for medical or personal emergencies at the discretion of Alaska Outreach.

Cancellation by Alaska Outreach: In the event a project is cancelled (at Alaska Outreach’s sole discretion) due to terrorism, acts of God, man-made disasters, other extraordinary events, or minimum trip participant requirement was not met, affected parties may do one of two things. They may transfer to another available location, or if unable to transfer locations, monies will be refunded.