FAQ: Church Hosts

What am I responsible to provide for the team in terms of food?
We can purchase and ship food to you. You will be responsible to gather help from your church or community to prepare the food for the team during the week. The team members can help, but we don't want them to have to take the lead in cooking the food for themselves. If you see a need that is not fulfilled by the food we sent to you, be proactive about it and use the money we send to make sure the team has what they need.
Do you provide promotional materials to get the word out about the ministry in my community?
Yes! HOWEVER, we absolutely need to get all the details from you about times, dates, locations, and any other information you'd like on the promotional materials a full 6 weeks before the team hits the ground in your community. This will allow us time to design the materials and get them sent to you so you can began promoting the ministry before the team gets to the community.
When do I need to have times, dates, and places finalized for this promotional material?
6 weeks before the team lands in your community. Please note that this process of determining times, dates, locations, and other information may take a couple of weeks - especially when you're waiting to hear back about renting a gym or utilizing a park. You'll also want to allow yourself time to incorporate feedback from the team about the specific ministries they are preparing to do. Please allow for this time and begin the process at least 8 weeks before the team comes.
Do I need to plan a free day for the team?
Talk to the team and find out what their expectations are. Ideally yes, you'd plan some sort of free day activities for the team - this is all dependent upon what is available in your community. For example, taking the team up the river on boats to do a cookout along the edge of a remote location outside of your village can be a great free day for a team. Your community might better lend itself to a great (easy) hike that the team would enjoy. The most important thing to remember is that communicating with the team about their expectations and your expectations.
What sort of ministry will the team do?
You tell us what sort of ministry you are wanting a team to do and we'll do our best to match you with a team that is prepared to do that ministry. After the team and you are matched, work with the team to determine their strengths and how those will fit into your vision for the ministry to your church. We have found that most teams can do well in the model of a kids outreach in the afternoons, a youth/church outreach in the evenings, and small work projects throughout the mornings and the week. We want to keep the teams busy -- there are few things worse than sitting around on a missions trip wanting to help but having nothing to do.
Am I responsible for lodging?
Yes, you are responsible for finding suitable lodging and showers for the team. The teams have been prepped to be sleeping on the floor at your church, but we do ask that you arrange for showers to be accessible for them to utilize.